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Grandstream DP752 - Automate Digital

Grandstream DP752


(incl. VAT)

The Grandstream DP752 is the compatible base-station for the Grandstream DP722 and DP730 cordless handset.

  • Up to five DP722 handsets can be supported on each Grandstream DP752 base-station.
  • Up to five DP730 handsets can be supported on each Grandstream DP752 base-station.


Yealink CP930W W60B Automate Digital

Yealink CP930W


(incl. VAT)

The Yealink CP930W is the first Wireless DECT Conference Phone in Yealink’s product portfolio.

  • Based on reliable and secure DECT technology, the CP930W frees users from the limitations of power outlets and Internet ports and meets the mobility requirement of the organization.
  • By associating with the Yealink DECT base, it is completely wireless for the users to hold the meeting anywhere within the DECT base coverage, which is 50 meters indoor and 300 meters outdoor.
  • The Yealink CP930W is designed with 3 microphone arrays which support 20-foot and 360-degree HD voice pickup.
  • The built-in rechargeable battery supports 24 hours of talk time and requires less than 4 hours to be fully charged.
  • Enable the CP930W by pairing it with the Yealink W60B base station and up to 8 additional handsets if your office users are completely reliant on wireless network and don’t have network points to their workstation.
  • Please note that this unit works with the Yealink W60B.  Please see the pricing for the W60B


Yealink CPE90 Automate Digital

Yealink CPE90


(incl. VAT)

The Yealink CPE90 is a wired expansion kit for the Yealink CP960 conference phone, which extends the range a further 3 meters.

  • Compatibility: Yealink CP960 conference phone.
  • Connectivity: wired.
  • Coverage: 3 m (10 ft), 360°
  • Wire Length: 1.8 m (5.9 ft)
Yealink CPW90 with power charger -Automate digital

Yealink CPW90


(incl. VAT)

The Yealink CPW90 is a Wireless Expansion Microphone which works as an audio input device for Yealink CP960 conference phone.

  • Compatibility: Yealink CP960 conference phone.
  • Connectivity: wired.
  • Coverage: 3 m (10 ft), 360°
  • Wire Length: 1.8 m (5.9 ft)
Yealink CP960 for meetings and office -Automate digital

Yealink CP960


(incl. VAT)

The Yealink CP960 is designed to be the ideal fit for medium to large boardrooms with a 360-degree voice pickup range of up to 6 meters. With industry-leading features, such as built-in Bluetooth and built-in Wi-Fi, it’s never been easier to connect and communicate with your boardroom solution. In addition, the Yealink CP960 utilises Yealink’s Noise Proof technology which is designed to eliminate background noise and improve audio quality.

  • 6 Meter and 360-degree microphone pickup.
  • Up to five parties can join a conference call from different locations.
  • Call hold, mute and DND.
  • Record calls to external storage via USB if you don’t have Switch Telecom short or long-term call recording.
  • Local phonebook with up to 1000 entries.
  • 5-inch multi-touch screen with 720×1280 resolution.
  • Connect to PC via USB Micro B port.
  • Supports wired or wireless extendable microphones (Sold separately).
  • Price includes Power Supply.
yealink w60b dect ip base station Cheap-Automate digital

Yealink W60B


(incl. VAT)

The Yealink W60B is the base only version of the popular W60P and does not include any handsets. This allows for greater deployment flexibility, and the ability to add base stations where needed, without having spare handsets.
yealink dd10k dect dongle for sale -Automate digital

Yealink Dect Dongle


(incl. VAT)

The Yealink Dect Dongle (DD10K) allows businesses to connect both Desktop IP Phones as well as cordless DECT IP phones to one base station, for a simple Small Business solution that eliminates the need for ethernet cables. The DD10K simply connects to the USB port of the Yealink T41S and enables DECT functionality. Businesses or home users can then connect any mixture of Yealink desktop/cordless DECT IP phones to the W60P base-station, and enjoy the great benefits of DECT, including call security, DECT call quality and extended range.


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